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22 anos atrás...

These thoughts are yours to reject, accept, spindle, or mutilate.

This small offering of recorded product commemmorates the end of the 3-piece approach with this band. It also marks the beginning of our attempts to attack the issues we address in our songs on a more aggressive format. These issues, our deals & opinions are very important to us as individuals & as a band & expression of these opinions will be conveyed more actively on & off stage.

Over the last 6 years, a growing sense of nationalism & obvious shift of the right has emerged among our leaders & in our country. This shift has has led to a macho- reactionary-militaristic, "American and proud of it" (rather "ignorant & proud of it"), "Let´s go to war & kill some commies" & Ronald Reagan´s "Look out for #1 attitude". The majority of our country accepts all of the Reagan administration´s actions, without question, blindly following & glorifying every move.

These trends have recently slimed into the hardcore-punk-metal-whatever scene, a sad reflection of the sadder trends in our society. Attitudes in some band´s
lyrics & aesthethics accentuate violence & create a negative role-model. Some people especially impressionable kids who are dissatisfied with mainstream identities, are quick to align themselves with this ignorance.

It makes us sad to see something as once hopeful, expressive & totally liberating as alternative music (hardcore, punk, etc) become a stale fermentation of Archie Bunker views & "Mosh to kill, though man in the slam pit" zero mentality. After all the ridiculous media hype & Hollywood´s slapstick portrayal of this underground music scene, the general public stereotypes have only been reinforced by the actions of the above.

So there it is... conservatism... ignorance... apathy. Not only in mainstream society, but in our own scene. It´s scary to speculate whether we´re preaching to the converted or screaming to def ears. Whatever the answer is, we won´t stand silently by. Not with all the injustices & hypocracies, bloodshed & massive destruction sponsored by U.S Goverment. All the terrors of war that money can buy are on sale now. How can we let our goverment go through with their plan to crush nicaragua? Didn´t these people learn anything from Vietnam? "But the 'Evil Empire' is on our doorstep!" screeches Reagan as as told by his team of
"well informed" National Security Advisors. Most americans don´t even know what a true form of communism is. The way most of our leadres treated the Constitution recently, you´d think they don´t know what a true Democracy is.

If you can focus at all & your mind is open even just a crack, confusion is a first step to an understanding... We don´t claim to know it all, but we have our opinion to share & the bottom line is... we don´t need more misdirected violence. Violence & hate are all very real. Pass through it, overcome.

Thanks to bands & other individuals with positive, realistic & creative things to offer, from them we have a glimpse of hope. Let there be a turmoil... let there be identity crisis... let it lead to something true... may it lead to some awakening & some cooperation. Below we've listed a few addresses of groups we feel are worthy a support. People young & old must be together responsibly ... It´s going to take a lot more than slogans on t-shirts to make any kind
of change.

Demand your rights, test your freedom, speak your mind. Don´t worry, we won´t let some goons turn us off to heavy music, it´s our outlet.

Corrosion of Conformity - 1986
Incrível, não é mesmo?

Final de ano cheio de lançamentos da Travolta Discos. Maiores detalhes no próximo post.

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